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ShellShock Productions

An award winning independent filmmaker, Billy Shell has been in this business for well over 15 years. Working on independent films, Weddings, commercials and an immeasurable amount of events, Billy Shell dedicates himself on providing his clients the best service around. His interest in the art of video and photography came about when he was 11 years old visiting his grandfather. His Grandfather brought out a VHS camcorder that he used to record some of the Jazz legends and allowed Billy to look through the lens as it recorded. From that moment on, the desire to understand more about that field grew. After graduating college and getting the training he needed, Billy Shell embarked on a journey to learn as much about the business side of this field as possible. After starting his own business entitled ShellShock Productions in 2003, Billy Shell has taken his education and skills and applied them in an endless amount of projects. The skies are still the limit and Billy Shell continues to provide his clients with the best product and the best customer service.

ShellShock Productions Inc.